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Customs Clearance

Delamode Moldova’s experienced customs staff are located at Botanica customs point terminal in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). This allows us direct interface with both import and export customs formalities, enabling us in offering the customs clearance services:

  • Planning consulting on import/export transactions, customs tariff code, VAT legislation, taxes, normative and expertise
  • Qualified assistance with commercial papers (invoices, certificates, authorisations)
  • Import/export customs formalities, including customs declaration for almost all kind of goods
  • Processing information in Moldavian's Customs iinternal Informational System “ASYCUDA World”
  • Customs valuation and import/export taxes calculation
  • Presenting the import/export papers to customs officers for clearance on our customers’ behalf
  • Transit handling formalities, including CMR & TIR carnet formalities

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Fast and efficient process for dealing with customs clearance formalities
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our custom clearance services
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