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Delamode – a supporter of Cry in the Dark charity

Delamode is delighted to be supporting a charity known as 'Cry in the Dark' (CitD) with a number of its fund raising initiatives. These include support with its storage and transport requirements, as well as the donation of t-shirts and hi-viz’s for the events team and participants to wear during their California Dreaming event in June (further details below). 

About Cry in the Dark…

In 1998, the CEO and Founder, Steve Cooper, and three friends heard about children living in dire circumstances at Dofteana orphanage in Bacau, Northeast Romania and went to see how they could help. They found 26 children in appalling conditions, suffering from malnutrition and neglect. Most had serious illnesses or disabilities. Their plight moved Steve’s compassion into action and the charity Cry in the Dark was born.

Romanian local authorities re-located the children to a hospital, but conditions there were worse. So CitD worked hard to urgently raise funds, build a home and find staff. Two years later 24 children moved to Casa Lumina (House of Light) – their new home-for-life.

Visit Cry in the Darks website for further information - 

California Dreaming Event 

 For the first time ever CitD are holding an 620 mile bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego. There are 22 riders taking part, with each cyclist having a target of raising at least £750 for the work of CitD and another organisation. 

This ride will challenge all the cyclists and push them to their limits but all of them are committed and determined to complete it. You will be able to follow the progress of the ride and hear from those taking part on CitD's Blog page.

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